• Patryck Froissart – "Let’s promote Liberty, Equality, Fraternity."

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    Friday, 13 April 2012 14:12

    Patryck Froissart – "Let’s promote Liberty, Equality, Fraternity."

    Written by  Mumtaz Soogund 



    Patryk Froissart –

    This week, NoS catches with Patryck Froissart, a writer from Reunion Island on visit to Mauritius. The versatile and prolific man suffers from a serious book addiction and spends lots of time with books. When he is not writing, he is busy reading or gardening. Read through for doses of wisdom which Patryck is keen to share with us.

    How different is the literature of Reunion from that of Mauritius?
    The first difference is the importance of metissage in Reunion (ethnic, biological, linguistic and cultural mixing). The second difference is the obvious contradiction between a strong Creole identity and a sense of belonging to the French nation. These two differences make the Creole and French literatures exist, coexist, compete with each other, and sometimes intergrate into one.

    Can you tell us about your visit to our island? 
    This is not my first visit to Mauritius, since I lived here from 2001 to 2006. I was the Proviseur of Ecole du Centre and Collège Pierre Poivre in Moka. I treasure these five years in my memory box as a happy period, professionally intense and punctuated by with deep satisfactions and humanly rich in friendly relations which remain unwavering.

    Is there a message in your writings that you want readers to grasp?
    Indulge in poetry similar to what we indulge in life, live life by indulging in poetry.
    If you had to choose, which writer would you choose as mentor?
    Victor Hugo, obviously!

    Do you recall what generated your interest in writing?
    As a child, I wrote short fables in the manner of La Fontaine. Teenager, I wrote poetry under the influence of Verlaine, Mallarmé, Rimbaud, Baudelaire, and gradually I found my own style. I write because for me, writing is to live other lives, in addition to mine. It also bestows you with the possibility of inventing your own dreams. A writer has therefore the privilege of living many lives. This is a great treasure.

    What is your target audience?
    I have no specific target. I write for myself first. Those who love me, follow me!

    Have you ever suffered from writer's block?
    Of course, it happens. I then go, look after my garden, read or do something else. Meanwhile my mind remains attached to the last sentence written, and suddenly inspiration strikes and I hurry to my keyboard.
    If you could leave readers of NoS with a piece of wisdom, what would you like it to be?
    It's simple; let us try to promote this beautiful universal adage: "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity." Everything is in these three words.

      • Date of Birth: June 5, 1947

      • My profession: A retired principal. I am a full-time writer since my retirement.

      • Zodiac: Gemini

      • Childhood memories: A lot of reading, outdoor games with my brothers and sister, holidays by the sea.

      • Professional journey: A teacher from 1966 to 1991, headmaster from 1991 to 2007 in different parts of the world: France, Morocco, Mayotte, Reunion, Mauritius, Cameroon and Oman.

      • Ambition in life: To live in peace with others and with myself.

      • People who have had an influence in my life: Mme Elisabeth Boullé of Mauritius who created l’Ecole du Centre and le Collège Pierre Poivre in Moka.

      • Favourite place: Flic en Flac

      • Favourite quote: Know thyself (A motto engraved on the pediment of the temple at Delphi and then taken up by Socrates, followed by Montaigne)

      • Favourite author: Salman Rushdie

      • Books which marked my life: Midnight's Children (Salman Rushdie), Gora (RabindranathTagore), Last exit to Brooklyn (Hubert Selby) and many others.

      • My ideal woman: Louise Michel

      • My definition of happiness: Being in harmony with myself.

      • Greatest moment of my life: The day I met my wife!

      • Saddest moment so far: The death of my maternal grandmother.

      • If I meet God, I will tell him: Everything needs to be done all over again!

      • I can never resist: A beautiful smile.

      • My greatest accomplishment: My children!

      • My biggest obsession: Improving the welfare of humanity.

      • My greatest fear: Dying before having read all existing books.

      • Dreams ahead: Settling in Mauritius once again.

      • Make the readers of NoS an offer they cannot refuse: Read my latest novel!

      • The one piece of advice I’d like to give the readers out there: Do not be swayed by what you read in newspapers, exercise your own critical thinking, make your own opinion, and above all unite to make Mauritius an example to the world!

      • Patryk in one word: Lucky

      • Books published: L’Eloge de l’Apocalypse, poèmes (2003), L’Eloge de l’Opaque Ellipse, poèmes et contes (2005), La Mise à Nu, roman (2011), La Déferlante, nouvelle (2012)

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